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We maximize ROI for our clients through simplifying technology.

There's an unspoken cost associated with technology. Behind the monthly subscription are the hurdles of evaluating competing tools, learning new processes, and modifying business operations. Ironically, these costs often outweigh the benefits.

We believe technology should be simple. It should provide its benefits without hassle.

That's what we do at FLUX -- maximize technology's ROI and eliminate the costs. What for? To enable our customers to achieve each of their missions.


  • 80 / 20 We focus on what truly matters.
  • Quick and Small A small step today is better than a large step someday.       
  • Zero-based Thinking Learning is good, but so is unlearning. Sometimes, the best insights are found by starting from scratch.
  • Leverage the Team Everyone brings something different to the table – that’s how new ideas are born.
  • Be Open We speak our minds and encourage active discussion.


  • Growth Driven Company growth leads to new learning opportunities,
    which leads to further business opportunities.
  • Professionalism Take ownership and be proud of your work,
    while helping others achieve their best.
  • Flexibility Times are constantly changing – be flexible and adapt to new environments.
  • Learning Strike the right balance between learning and unlearning to achieve the best outcomes.

MessageMessage from our CEO

Here at FLUX, we are laser-focused on our mission to maximize ROI for our clients through simplifying technology. More specifically, we develop AI-based solutions for our clients to optimize their online revenues.

We are equally focused on making FLUX a great place to work. Our employees enjoy a growth-focused environment where taking on new challenges is encouraged, as well as an open and flat culture. We want those who contribute their talents to our mission to be able to thrive and reach their full potential.

When Shinnosuke Hirata and I founded this company, we chose the name FLUX to reflect our vision of becoming an organization that is flexible and able to continously adapt — to our customers’ and employees’ needs, and to the business environment.

With our mission “We maximize ROI for our clients through simplifying technology” at heart, we at FLUX are constantly striving to boost Japan’s productivity levels through providing real, measurable value to our clients.

Genji Nagai


  • FLUX founded by Genji Nagai and Shinnosuke Hirata
  • 200 Million JPY seed investment led by DNX Ventures and Archetype Ventures
  • Won Mizuho Innovation Award
  • Listed in “Top 100 ventures to look out for in 2021” by Toyo Keizai
  • 1 Billion JPY Series A investment
  • Listed in “Japan’s Cloud 20” by Forbes Japan
  • Selected as EY Innovative Startup 2022
  • Released FLUX Digital Experience Platform to provide further value to our clients by optimizing online customer experiences

CorporateCompany Profile

Company name
May 2018
Genji Nagai
PMO Shibuya II 9F
3-1-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo, 150-0002,
Funds raised
1.2 Billion JPY
DNX Ventures,
Archetype Ventures,
and more

AccessAccess Information

PMO Shibuya II 9F 3-1-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo,
150-0002, Japan

We're always looking for great people to join our team to help build the future of FLUX.

At FLUX we hire individuals from a wide array of backgrounds.
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