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FLUX Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “FLUX”) exerts all reasonable efforts to protect our information assets and information assets received from customers from threats such as accidents, disasters, crimes, and the like. FLUX will act in accordance with the policy outlined below.

1. Responsibility of FLUX management

We strive to improve and improve information security. FLUX management will lead such efforts.

2. Information security organization

FLUX will establish an internal organization to maintain and improve information security, and to define information security measures.

3. Employee efforts

Our employees will obtain the knowledge and skills needed for information security.

4. Compliance with laws, regulations and contract requirements

We will comply with laws, regulations, expectations, and contract obligations pertaining to information security.

5. Violations and accidents

FLUX will take appropriate measures in the event of violation of laws and regulations, violations of contracts, or accidents related to information security and strive to prevent recurrence.

Dated July 15, 2021
CEO Genji Nagai